landscape rocks

Pictured below are the decorative landscape stones and rock products we offer for sale and delivery in Orlando at wholesale prices.  We can deliver this product by the bag or cubic yard to any location in Central Florida listed below.  Please click on the photo or text for more details of our brown river rock, red lava rock, or marble chips and granite for sale below.  Please use our free landscape calculator here then call the office at 407-737-9874 or text our mobile number at 407-342-1960 for quotes or orders.

we sell decorative landscape stones like these brown river rock to all of Orlando and Central Florida

Brown River Rock
1.5" size is $130.00 per cubic yard
0.5" size is $115.00 per cubic yard
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you can buy red lava rock and have it delivered anywhere in central florida here

Red Lava Rock
$150.00 per cubic yard
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we have marble chips for sale in orlando and delivery anywhere in Central Florida

Marble Chips
$145 per cubic yard
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